Cantor Active Markets

The Active Markets team is made of Sales and Research persons that make separate investment recommendations on stocks across US, EU, EM and Japan as well as the most liquid ETFs.


The Research team uses quantitative tools for systematic market timing, sector and stock picks that can be disseminated to their clients on an ad-hocand tailored basis. Relative strength is the cornerstone of our process and combines with our proprietary suite models in generating durable alpha. Our models use a combination of Fundamental, Derivative and Price Data from Bloomberg & Fact set.


The sales person on this desk produces sales commentary which may include investment recommendations. They recommendations are derived from a chartist view of the market, based on publically available data only, by using a combination of market indicators, personal sentiment and trading psychology. Historically patterns and trends are the central focus for forming buying and selling recommendations. Sales recommendations donot derive from Research recommendations.

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